About Seal Sports Tactical

Seal Sports Tactical is your one-stop shop for PCP airgun sport shooting equipment and gear. With an increasing inventory and well-versed staff, we aim to meet your tactical needs and carry the same encompassing vision as our established sister company, Seal Sports.

Mere months before the COVID-19 pandemic locked down businesses across the country, owner Lance Hollis seized the opportunity to expand the Seal Sports brand into a sister business, Seal Sports Tactical, keeping the same founding customer-centric mentality in mind… with a new marksman’s focus.

Already familiar with the local economy, growth was inevitable. Be it a bold risk, Seal Sports Tactical was born from the recognition of a local need for airguns and shooting gear the same way its predecessor was initially created: at an intersection of business and passion. Keeping up with the ever-evolving market, Seal Sports Tactical’s offerings match the highly-rated business we provide. From the royalty of the Crown MKII to the tenacity of the Wildcat, we’ve got you covered.

For the past 21 years, Seal Sports has remained the best Dive Center and scuba shop in the area over 200 miles of Mandeville, Louisiana. Expanding into Seal Sports Tactical, our customer-centered service ensures we at SST will go above and beyond to meet your tactical needs and are always game for conversation. Our trained and educated team assures the moment you walk in, there is no agenda.

We welcome you and, as always, your satisfaction…
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